Project Objectives

The THEBES project aim is to provide highest quality research, to disseminate the knowledge and to educate experts. The project outcomes will be of practical importance and will increase the Finnish expertise on nuclear waste repositories.

The project will cooperate with world-leading experts on swelling clay barriers and bentonite behaviour to ensure highest quality research leading to absolute safety of nuclear waste repositories.


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Detailed project aims (click to expand)

The Thebes project aims to:

a) provide highest quality research:

-          Produce experimental data relevant for modelling of swelling clay barrier behaviour.

-          Gather useful parameters for the modelling

-          Produce and validate models for assessing the behaviour of swelling clay barriers.

-          Utilize the models in the case

b) disseminate the knowledge, publish the results and educate new experts:

-          Organise yearly workshops open to public.

-          Produce of new know-how to be applied in other projects

-          Publish highest quality scientific articles.

-          Present the results in international conferences

-          Facilitate national cooperation between leading Finnish research institutions

-          Facilitate international cooperation between Finnish and leading international institutions

-          Develop and maintain the infrastructure for research

c) introduce the developed knowledge into practice:

-           The experimental data will be used to develop constitutive models which will be introduced into numerical codes and provide practically important case studies


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