Building design and construction

The mission of the new Building Design and Construction research group is to integrate the design and construction fields by coming up with new research-based knowledge to support the transformation of AEC-industry. We will carry out our research in a close collaboration with the AEC-industry.

The AEC-sector has a key role in the economies of both developing and developed countries. Some of the product and process advances include modularization, industrialized and lean construction, Internet of Things, Big Data, and virtual design of products and works. Additionally, increased awareness of indoor air problems and fire safety has increased the importance of health and safe of buildings for end users. The design and construction industry must change to exploit the opportunity and to respond to the challenges. The target of the research group is to integrate design and construction fields and to come up with new knowledge to support the required transformation.

In building design the basis of our work is structural analysis, computational engineering and experimental methods, with also an emphasis on connections to architecture. Research on building performance develops solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of energy-efficient, sustainable, healthy, and comfortable buildings. In the research related to information and operations management in construction, enhancing modularity in construction is an objective when focusing on processes, organisations and technologies. To make the mission achievable in practice also the people aspect needs to be considered. By proactively driving process change, the group will be able to define the skills required to achieve the transformation and develop the teaching of the department to educate game changers - next generation engineers who will implement the transformation.

The research group includes a multidisciplinary group of 12 professors from both design and construction fields. The team is uniquely positioned to respond to the opportunity because of great inter-disciplinary synergies that have not previously been exploited. The research group aims to be internationally known. By achieving our mission to change the AEC-industry, we will promote the well-being of current and future generations.

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